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Steps2Canada will offer specialized and tailored settlement services in multiple languages to the Newcomers upon arrival in the Atlantic provinces.

Service in; English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and basic language support in Dutch and German.

  • Help you to think about everything before leaving your country
  • Welcome you at the airport at any time
  • Bring you to your new/temporary home, apartment, hotel. Of course we already helped you finding it prior to arrival
  • Assist you with the local documentation (driver license, health care, SIN, etc…)
  • Guide you through your new city
  • Explain hospital vs walk in clinics
  • Find a family doctor in a few months instead of a few years
  • Find a reliable car and explain the transportation system
  • Explain the school system
  • Get in touch with the right multicultural associations
  • Understand the banking system (which bank to choose, how to build your credit history, etc.)
  • Find the right lawyer
  • Explain how to open a business
  • Tips about the day to day life
  • & much more…

We have an extensive network of Newcomers and Canadians we can use to make sure you will have a successful experience!

We will help you getting in touch with the right person at the right moment! Our success is your success!

We tailor our services based on your needs!

We did it all before you, if you use our services you will get rid of a lot of stress. Let us work for you and make your move as easy as it can be!

Contact us for more information & details we will be more than happy to assist you!


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