About us

Erika Cantu


Entrepreneur, Creative, International Business Expert, Volunteer, wife and mother of 2 beautiful boys!

Originally from Brazil, Erika Cantu’s background is in International Business. Living in Brazil, USA and Belgium before moving to Canada gave her the ability to grow professionally and personally. Portuguese is her mother language and she also speaks fluent Spanish, English and French.

In 2006 she met her husband and they got married in 2008 in Belgium, the country where he is from. Thanks to her language skills she was able to work on different projects and furthermore she took a leadership role in French in order to train the team in Mulhouse, France. That was one of her remarkable projects.

Moving to Canada in 2012, Erika Cantu has become really involved with the community since her arrival. She is one of the Co-Founders of VIVA Moncton the Latino Association of Greater of Moncton; Co-Founder of BrazilNB, the Brazilian Association of New Brunswick. She is also a past vice-president of CAFi. Her most recent project regarding immigration was the Noulab, The Economic Immigration Lab that starts by bringing employers, municipalities, community leaders, and the provincial and federal government to work in a team that acts collectively developing ideas and initiatives to go beyond dealing with just the symptoms of economic / immigration issues, but instead addresses the root causes of why things aren’t working.

Erika Cantu truly believes in the beauty of multiculturalism which is why she embraces the immigration cause and  supports as much as she can any other community initiatives. As an immigrant she understands the challenges of having a new life in another country.

Family is really important to her, so she enjoys each moment they are together!


Nicolas Bertrand


Originally from Belgium, Nicolas Bertrand has traveled in different countries before chosing Canada as his home. He moved to Canada in 2012 with his family. Canada is his 4th destination, as he has already lived in the Philippines, the United States and France.

More than 16 years of International experience in Hotel Management gave him the opportunity to grow professionally and personally. Thanks to those experiences he is able to adapt to different situations and he understands the challenge of facing a new culture.

He speaks fluent French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and can communicate in German and Dutch.

Since his arrival in Canada he has volunteered in the community and always tries to help as many people as possible.

He loves spending time with his family and friends. He also enjoys playing soccer and going to see some hockey at the coliseum.

The History

Erika and Nicolas met in the USA in 2006 while both acquiring new professional skills. They got married in 2008 and decided to start their new life in Belgium. Quality of life is a priority for both. Combining career and family was the goal of the move especially when their first baby was born in 2011, Lucas.

When Lucas arrived they knew Canada would be the destination for the next years. New Brunswick was chosen due to national parks, free health care, free education among other advantages. Another thing they loved is the fact that New Brunswick is the only bilingual province in Canada.  These were the factors that contributed to the decision-making process.

They arrived in Canada 0n February 15th, 2012 with their 6 month old baby boy, 6 suitcases and a lot of dreams!

The permanent residency arrived only in June 2016. They had to be patient and persever in order to reach their goals. However thanks to their experience they created a great network of trustworthy people. They love helping people around and want newcomers to avoid the difficulties they went through when settling in the Atlantic Provinces.

2016 was a good year for them, not only for the permanent residency but also, as a Christmas present, their second son was born on December 16, 2016, Matteo. It was a great year for them! During this same year, in November, they purchased an Ice Cream shop that opened its doors in May 2017.

Milu’s Ice Cream Shop(*) is already a concrete way to show how much they love this community and how much they are willing to help. A newcomer is also part of the Milu’s Ice Cream Shop team, it will not only help the economy but it will also help the newcomer to have the Canadian work experience in order to make it easier to enter the workforce of the province.

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